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What Are X/T Tires And What Makes a Good X/T tire ?
Linda Wei

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Since off-road adventures become more and more popular, the ordinary AT tires can no longer meet the overlanders’ needs, which derived a new type of the crossover tires—X/T tires, also known as the Extreme All-Terrain tires. As X/T tire is a new designation and don’t have their own category yet, it’ll take plenty of times for searching if you need any guide before purchasing. At Tesche tire, we‘ve come up with a short, basic breakdown for your application. 

So what exactly is the X/T tire?

The X/T tire also known as Extreme All Terrain tire, it’s designated as the extreme all-terrain tire, it features larger open voids and more aggressive sidewalls than the normal A/T tire but not as much the M/T tire. It’s usually the default go-to for the 4×4 enthusiasts who wants better aggressive looks but more reinforced tread and sidewall than traditional all-terrain tires.

The X/T tire are getting in popularity is due to their excellent performance and well-mannered on the street yet has great off-road traction. They are a good all-around tire in most driving conditions with more aggressive looks which can suitable for both on-road peformance and still be able to hit the trail once while.X/T tires can be suitable for all types of 4x4s from small SUVs to 1-ton tow rigs.

Are X/T tires good in snow?

All X/T tires has a M+S mud and snow rating and many have the coveted three peak mountain snowflake advanced snow rating for superior ice and snow performance. This is a key rating to look for if you frequent winter roads regularly which makes them a great choice for vehicles that see street use, icy roads and unimproved snow and mud covered trails.

But as they are typically All-terrain tire, which means even many of the X/T tires can meet the severe snow service qualification, but for people who live in colder climes with longer winters should considering prepare a backup winter tire for superior cold temerature peformance.

X/T tires VS All- Season tires

If you’re looking for more comforte driving condition, the all season tires will be the better choice and they can offer better handling and more silence driving performances and  better fuel mileage than the X/Ts. And most of the time, they are absolutely more economy for select compared with the X/Ts.

But as they are typically All-terrain tire, which means even many of the X/T tires can meet the severe snow service qualification, but for people who live in colder climes with longer winters should considering prepare a backup winter tire for superior cold temerature peformance.

But due to the increasing dedicated demand of the overlanders’ needs and competition bewtween the tiremakers, the suppliers have investment newer technologies which can offering better strong mileage warranties than before. Some of the suppliers can offer up to 50,000 mile- warranty, a number that can competes favourably  with the average all-season tire warranties.

Did X/T tire suitable for every vehicle ?

In challenging off-road conditions, the X/T tires will wear out faster driving on pavement than all-season tires and they’re not suitable for every vehicle. The X/Ts can be suitable for all types of 4x4s from small SUVs to 1-ton tow rigs.

Most of the X/T tires can sized for 4X4s, crossovers and pickp trucks & especially suitable for the 4-wheel drive trucks, all-wheel drive cars and vehicles with built-in systems. Some of X/T tires even can benefit hatchbacks and wagons, but as the requirement of the smaller passenger vehicles are kept increasing, the demand will likely follow.

How to choose the perfect X/T tire size ?

The majority of the X/T tires are mostly found in larger sizes since the bigger sizes can improve more agreesive looks. In most cases, the crossover drivers are looking for more higher and wider tires, which can improve the appearance and increase the ground clearance. While the wider tire tread allows better contact with the road or terrain and is better at floating on sand and mud.

However, too large or too small tires might bring negative effects on handling, steering response, driving quality, power and fuel mileage of the vehicle. So following the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications as much as possible will make you comfortable and the best tire size is the maximum size your vehicle can handle without modification.

What Makes a Good X/T Tire?

As there’re numerous brands on the markets of the X/T tires to be selected and many factors can be influnce the tire performances, how do we know which X/T tire suits us and our vehicles best?  When selecting worthy X/T tires for your 4×4 pickup truck, Jeep or other SUV you have the below basic infos need to be check.

All-Around Performances

A good set of X/T tires can carry the 4x4s on daily commutes and the weekend off-road adventures. So it need not only the great on-road performance but also the proper grip on wet and dry roads, superior puncture resistance, advanced traction, exceptional snow rating & exceptional loading ratings.

To achieve the all-around performances, the X/T tires mostly designed with larger tread voids and deeper tire depth than normal all-terrain tires to heighten grip while off-road while providing higher wear resistance. Special rubber compound and reinforced sidewall with 2ply, 3ply, even up to 4 ply construction which designed to fend off punctures. Many of the X/T tires even covered with three peak mountain snowflake to ensure the minimum requirements for providing snow traction.

Warranty Support

Since most of the road condition of the off-road adventures can be un-expected and tires are more easily to wear out. It is very necessary to confirm whether the X / T tire brand you choose provides tire warranty service.But unlike the general type of tires, most of supplier not willing to offer the warranty support for the off-road tire considering its complex road condition and the special tire compositions and rubber compounds which deteriorate the tire more rapidly.

According to the research on the available X/T tire suppliers in the market, most of their Warranty support is around 40,000 to 50,000 miles. If your tires come with a manufacturer road hazard warranty, make sure you know what is covered and what is not, you can get the detailed info though their warranty mannual.

Dominating Exterior

All the X/T enthusiasts knows that the dominating exterior of the tires really matter. It not only due to the trucks need use the deep tread to provide more traction on unpaved surfaces and wider grooves can effectively help the tread sink into mud or gravel surfaces. But also due to they’re expecting their trucks can bring more eye-catching on the streets.

Except the traditional tread designing, more and more suppliers are focus on the tire sidewall designing, to showing their unqique designs some of the supplier even offering dual sidewall design. With one side wall is normal black, another sidewall is white letter raised design (OWL- Outside White Letter), in this OWL design, the tire brand and pattern name always raised as white. And you can swith the different sidewalls based on your own preferences.

Wheel Protection

Considering the complex driving conditions, tires with rim protection are perfect for the off-road driving. It can protect the wheel aganist the damage meanwhile help to minimise the damage caused by bumps and other off-road obstacles.

Even though every supplier aware the advantages for assembled the wheels protection for the tires, since the wheel protection usually costs extra 10-15% than the regular models, so not all the suppliers willing to add it on for their tires. But in the light of safety situation, better choose the X/T tires which have the wheel portection function.

To conclude

The X/T tire are typically extreme all-terrain tires which is the perfect choice for any 4×4, truck or even crossover owner who expects both burly look and feel without having to give up too much ride comfort and road noise. Most of the them can offering warranty support, wheel protection and dual sidewall designs.

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